Match result

Season One, Finals
Team badge
The Blood River Barnyard Bash

gate: 15 000
2 TD score 1
cas score
after overtime
and shoot-out
Chaos Dwarf logo
no custom badge
K Dwarves


Wendy the Beef
Extra shoot-out TD after tied overtime
TD Scorers
profile Fred Bounty (20000 gp)
Foulers (no cas)

El Toro Loco
Badly Hurt'ers
Serious Injurers
Completions By
Interceptions By

Son of El Toro Loco
MVP awards to
profile George Bounty (20000 gp)
  Sustained Injuries  
This match went into overtime
and was decided on a penalty shoot-out
Result added June 1st, 2019

Match notes

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